This is the 40th in a series of postings that are updated at least twice each month. It is designed to keep you informed about improvements we are making with Island Garden, Lightning and NY Metropolitan AAU.
– Sometimes things don’t work as planned. Relying on our experience as coaches and players in sports, we very often learn more from when we lose than if we win. Such was the case last week when we tried to video stream the Finals of the 7ll Super League. We were all set and actually did the broadcast. We encountered some technical problems with camera angles and ability to see the scoreboard. There were obstacles that the staff dealt with but the real problem came when the sound of the broadcast cut out and could not be restored. We are still trying to find out how that happened. We will get that answer and resume broadcasting games in the near future once we resolve the issues. In the meantime, we will be producing news clips which highlight what is taking place at Island Garden, AAU and Lightning. Our goal will be to release brief clips every few days.
– The AAU and Lightning season began last weekend. We are hosting a large girls tournament this weekend with over 175 teams participating. College coaches will be observing games at Island Garden. Great excitement and it is what we do best and that is operating great tournaments for our tremendous players!
– Social media continues to be a important priority for us. We are close to making a final decision on the company who will handle our postings on a go forward basis. The importance of reaching as many players, parents and coaches through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is something that we will put as much energy and resources into during the upcoming months.
– Well, Super League ended last Thursday! It truly exceeded all of my expectations and hopes. The playoffs went off without a hitch. The sportsmanship of the players and coaches was at its highest level and there was not one incident. Even the refs did not receive many complaints (which was better than the NCAA Tournament). I am so proud of every member of my staff for working so hard and really caring about the outcome. Super League is truly something special because of all the great players, coaches, parents, refs and staff.
– In our continuous effort to get better, we have changed over to a new website last week. We still on working on that roll out and have a few adjustments to make. Please be patient with us during the transition which will last only a few more days. We hope that you love its new look and ease to navigate. You will see constant improvements this coming week.
– New software has also been introduced into Lightning to make registration and payments easier. We are also using another new software to register our teams for tournaments. It is a challenge but each day we attack and get better. Just loving the challenge.
– We are so very proud that this is the 25th Anniversary of Lightning Basketball. You will begin seeing various celebrations and events to mark this accomplishment. We began with one team playing out of St. Bernard in Levittown.
– Finally, I want to come back to my staff. They are not only competent, hard working and dedicated but their hearts and souls are so deeply connected to Island Garden, Super League, Lightning but most of all, the kids. They always do their jobs with emotion and sincere concern for our players.
“Each of us has a huge capacity to learn and to achieve. Being ever alert makes the task of becoming all we are capable of becoming so much easier” John Wooden
Jim Fox

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