This is the 53rd in a series of postings that are updated at least once each month. It is designed to keep you informed about improvements we are making with Island Garden, Lightning and NY Metropolitan AAU.

  • Super League continues to go well. Our expansion is being managed in an excellent fashion by our dedicated staff. Plans are now being finalized for Spring League. Look for information on our website shortly.
  • I usually try to keep this article very positive but one area we have been working on has been the occasional poor behavior by coaches. We do not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior at any time by coaches or players. As a result, we have had a few instances where we have had to hand down suspensions. Poor behavior in a youth basketball game will never be tolerated. To be fair, we have also increased our already close monitoring of referees and have handed down an occasional reprimand and even a suspension for poor performance.
  • We are expanding our Summer Camp offerings to the North Shore of Nassau County. We will be using our top Lightning coaches to operate camps during the last two weeks of July at St. Mark’s in Woodbury. Details will be available very soon. Our goal is to provide a staff of highly experienced and active Lightning AAU coaches whose strength is their commitment to youth basketball on a year round basis. Such top Lightning coaches as Tim Blackford, Jason Helguero and Tom Rottkamp will be part of the staff.
  • I traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to meet with leaders of AAU Boys Basketball. We will be introducing new offerings such as one day events and other innovative type tournaments. The 2018 District Championships Schedule is now available on and soon will be posted on this website.
  • In regard to AAU, it is the largest youth sports organization in the country and has the only true National Championship events at three different levels. AAU also offers the most comprehensive insurance program for basketball teams and organizations. We don’t like to think much about about insurance until something happens. I always am concerned that well meaning coaches will find themselves named in a lawsuit after an injury or an accident and have no coverage to defend themselves in court. AAU provides the top insurance at very low rates while also giving you access to top local and national events. It is a “WIN WIN”.
  • We have been spending a great deal of time on organizing existing Lightning teams as well as creating new teams. One area of emphasis in which we are currently involved is to offer teams in our Developmental Program. This will consist of a modified schedule where the team will play in the Island Garden Spring League as well as one or two local tournaments. The emphasis will be training under the direction of highly experienced Lightning coaches. Those teams are currently being formed and if anyone is interested, please email
  • The transition of Lightning to using Under Armour makes for very busy days. We look forward to the new uniforms and other gear being delivered within the next few weeks.
  • We continue to improve Island Garden on a consistent basis. We recently installed new upholstery on two of the courts as well as padding on the backboards with the third court to be completed shortly. New nets were hung yesterday. We have entered into a contract to place new high efficient lights throughout the snack bar area as well as upstairs. (We already have new LED lights in the arena). Bathrooms receive a super sanitizing once every three weeks in addition to their regular daily cleaning.

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