25th Annual Super League (Winter League)


Now in our twenty fifth  season, the Island Garden Super League has evolved into one of the most successful youth basketball leagues in the country. Super League is designed for everyone!  There are divisions for boys and girls ranging from the third to the twelfth grade.  Wherever possible, each grade is broken down into three ability levels in order to foster equal competition. It is our goal to provide an excellent experience for every team regardless of its final winning percentage.  We make every effort to meet your scheduling requests so that your participation does not conflict with other leagues and that whenever possible, we will match teams against others with equal ability.  Providing friendly and excellent service to you is our primary goal.  Service is the true value of our league. In addition to tremendous service, we also strive every day to incorporate the most advanced technology into all aspects of our Super League to make it the most enjoyable experience possible for the players, coaches and parents.


  • All games played at Island Garden will be live streamed and can be recorded for viewing later using video on demand . We have entered into an agreement with LIVE STREAM which is is the same company that provides video technology equipment to the Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics and several major college programs. This company approached us based on our reputation as one of the top basketball facilities in the country.  The Live Streaming will be HD quality and have multiple angle cameras. Parents, grandparents, family members, opposing coaches can watch the games live and can use a recording option to keep the game for as long as you like. Videos can also be created for recruiting highlights and so much more.
  • We will have a social media person posting highlights and news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis.
  • Improved online registration that will be easier than ever.
  • The newly renovated JMF Sports Center ( formerly known as Next Gen) will be utilized as our primary offsite for additional games. There is increased parking, a modern snack bar area and new bathrooms thus far. Watch for additional improvements that are being done on an ongoing basis.
  • We are meeting with a company to possibly incorporate player identification cards into Super League. Cost and logistics will play into our final decision.
  • A Super League All Star Game will be held.
  • A new AAU program will be offered to players who are looking for an opportunity to play in Super League and do not have a team. This is in addition to Lightning Basketball. It will offer more chances to play! This program will be under the direction of two highly experienced high school and AAU coaches and will be based out the the JMF Sports Center.
  • We can offer Under Armour uniforms at significantly discounted prices. We also can offer a new line of gear that specializes in very attractive uniforms that the team can design themselves at many price points as well as various smart fabric offerings that are worn under the uniforms.

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