CBS Reporter Carolyn Gusoff came to Island Garden on Wednesday, August 12 to do a report on how we are surviving after being closed for five months as the result of Covid-19. Ms. Gusoff did an outstanding job and I am greatly appreciative of her professionalism. The report is below.

Without any income for over five months, we have not been able to pay our rent. It is our position that since we are “locked out” by government order to our landlord and should not be responsible to pay rent. That position will either be litigated in the courts or hopefully we can reach some sort of compromise with the property owner. Unfortunately, the property owner refuses to enter into discussions with us as of today. We are now turning to government leaders to assist us in some way. The matter is further complicated by the facts that we are designated as a gymnasium and basketball is a High Risk sport. I have maintained the position that I will not violate any government orders that have been passed down by the Governor. Nor will I reach out for “loopholes” that enable other operators to open. I have confirmed with government leaders that we are not permitted to open. When the Governor decides it is safe to resume operations, we will be ready to implement all necessary protections for our players. In the meantime, I will continue to attempt to reach some sort of agreement with the property owner or, in the event that does not work, I will rely on the courts to recognize that we have been locked out for the safety of our children and their parents and, as a result, have been unable to generate income to pay the rent. I just want to be treated fairly and am confidant the courts and/or the landlord will agree.

Jim Fox

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