Debbie Shaw

Debbie Shaw

Account Financial Coordinator

Debbie Shaw has been with Super League since we founded the league 22 years ago. She has the difficult duty of collecting money and making certain that teams are in compliance with roster and all eligibility requirements. Debbie goes about this task each and every day in a highly professional and thorough manner.

Last year, she saw to it that every dollar of fees for Super League was collected which is an incredible accomplishment. Debbie has been called relentless and she certainly is an essential part of the financial well-being of both Island Garden and Lightning Basketball.

One final point that makes Debbie’s accomplishments and dedication to what we do all the more meaningful in terms of her dedication and constant enthusiasm. Tragically, Debbie lost her husband on 9/11 in the World Trade Center Attack while he was working as an electrician in the Towers. Despite that unspeakable loss and the added responsibility of raising two children alone, Debbie has always remained tremendously supportive and dedicated to our mission of providing the best possible youth sports program for our children.

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