Lightning Girls Associate Director, Greg Flynn , has been honored by the Suffolk County Girls High School Coaches by being named Coach of the Year. This is a tremendous and well- deserved honor.

In addition to his position with Lightning Basketball, Greg is the long time Coach of Lindenhurst High School where his hard work and dedication has made that program a success over the past decade. Coach Flynn uses Lightning AAU Basketball to develop his players during the spring and summer seasons so that when they return to school, they are tremendously improved and have gained a wealth of experience both on and off the court. Greg has become one of the most respected coaches both in the high school ranks as well on the travel basketball circuit. This is particularly evident in number of college coaches who rely on his evaluations of players for scholarships, which in turn has led to several Lightning players receiving offers to move on to play at the next level. Moving on to play at the college level does not mean that Greg is no longer involved with his players. Each week, he posts several articles about the success of his players in college. Once a play on a Flynn team, always a Flynn player!

This Coach of the Year honor speaks so much about Greg. It highlights his dedication and commitment to his players and his program. Greg also carries out his work with such kindness and good nature which everyone who knows him respects and appreciates. On top of all of that, Coach Flynn is an outstanding coach who is always seeking to learn more about becoming better at his profession.

We in Lightning are honored to have Greg Flynn to be one of the leaders of our organization. We congratulate him on being named Coach of the Year and thank him for being part of Lightning.

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