The Nassau County Department of Health conducted a surprise inspection of Island Garden on Thursday, December 31st at 1:30 P.M. We passed with excellent ratings and were complimented by the inspector. He found no issues at all. The inspector, however, did say they have received complaints about Island Garden spectators not wearing masks and that he would return several times in the coming weeks. While we disagree, we must do everything possible to insure that we are in complete compliance. It is both frustrating and upsetting that we have done everything possible to follow the rules and still be the subject of for the most part baseless complaints. Nevertheless, we cannot take any chances and must intensify our efforts to be certain that we follow all of the rules.

Beginning Monday, January 4th, we are returning to our Phase 1 which means that parents will only be permitted to drop off and pick up their children and cannot stay inside the Island Garden. We have had issues with parents not wearing masks from time to time. Our staff has made every effort to address this non-compliance but it has been a problem from time to time. During this time of a very concerning high spike in cases, hospitalizations and even deaths in Nassau County, I have decided to be overly cautious. No cases have been traced to having started at Island Garden during the past four months and we intend to keep it that way. Now we must do everything possible while still providing high level instruction and opportunities to practice for our athletes.

Please follow these new guidelines and understand that we want to keep everyone safe.

We will continue to offer top level clinics so that our children can increase their skills during these difficult times. We are actively planning to a return to full league and tournament play as soon as we are permitted to do so.

Happy and Healthy New Year.

Jim Fox


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