October 28, 1998, the doors opened to Island Garden for the first time and the first games were played. 20 years have passed by so quickly! A quick estimate brings us to the number of approximately 115,000 games have been played on our three courts during the past 20 years.

Today we celebrate the great game of basketball and the value it holds in the lives of over one million children who have enjoyed playing this great game at Island Garden.

We deeply thank everyone who has supported us since we have opened our doors. We promise that we will continue to do everything we can to make Island Garden a safe and fun place where children and their parents can come to enjoy the great game of basketball.

I must take this opportunity to thank my tremendous staff who have worked so hard to make Island Garden what it is today. This would not have been at possible without the long time dedication of (in order of seniority) Rosemary Nies, Debbie Shaw, Bruce Eiber, Dwayne Grey, Ken Feeley, Chris Diasparra, Karen Cammer, Ron Remick, Tom Sigismonti, Rex Rossen, Brendan Meyer, Eghosa (Rashawn) Ogboe, Jason Grillo and Yves Brevil.

Of course, nothing would have been possible without the commitment of Mark Fisher who insists of remaining behind the scenes but is always there supporting us, in so many ways, each and every day to make sure that the children are given the opportunity to enjoy basketball at Island Garden.

It has truly been my honor to be part of the Island Garden experience.

Time to get started on the the next 20 years!

Jim Fox


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