We wanted everyone to know that the Nassau County Department of Health visited Island Garden last week and did a complete inspection of our facility. We were found to be in complete compliance in all areas. This included a very close review of our overall safety plan which they complimented, as well as a visual inspection of virtually every inch of the facility.

We are continually cleaning on an hourly basis, completely disinfecting every 48 hours and closely monitoring that we adhere to the overall safety plan each and every day. Special filters were installed in the HVAC system as required by law. A huge thank you goes to Nick of the Heat Elite who provided us with all the state of the art equipment to complete the ongoing sterilization process. Be assured that we are doing everything possible to protect the health and well being of every person who walks into the Island Garden. This is our promise to you.

Special thank you goes to our own Karen Cammer who wrote the safety plan which was praised by the County Health Department. This took hours of research and writing. It had to be correct in every aspect. Karen also serves as our “compliance officer” who is there to be absolutely certain that no compromises are ever made as we move from day to day. Also, thank you goes out to Tom Sigismonti who is supervising the scheduling and daily operation of the Island Garden. Last but not least, tremendous appreciation goes out to Dwayne Gray who is carrying out the cleaning every day. All of these great people are doing this voluntarily until we are able to again place them back on payroll which is not possible right now. We continue to struggle financially since the Island Garden is only open on a partial basis for training and non-contact practices. We still are prohibited from playing games or having contact practices.

We will get through these difficult times. My dedicated team and I are totally committed to providing the best possible place to play the great sport of basketball for our athletes.

Jim Fox

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