Jim Moran, Lightning Alum, Welcomes Coach Isaiah Wilson of St. Dominic HS and Heat Lightning, to Detroit Pistons Practice

During the last week of September, Coach Wilson left his office at Island Garden where he is employed as the Chief of Program Development for three days to attend Detroit Pistons practice and visit with Jim Moran. Coach Wilson met with the Pistons staff and discussed various strategies while observing preseason training.

Jim Moran is currently an Assistant Coach with the Pistons. He previously was on the coaching staff of the Portland Trailblazers for eight seasons. Jim played professionally in Spain for 12 seasons after graduating from William and Mary College. He attended St. Dominic High School where he led his team to a NY State Championship. Jim played for Lightning throughout his high school years. He is another great alum of Lightning Basketball and is one of two former Lightning players who are currently in the NBA. (The other is Jason Hernandez of the Charlotte Hornets).



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