We are so happy to announce that one of our top coaches has accepted a position to be an Assistant Coach at Molloy College beginning immediately.

Jason has been with Lightning for five years. He also served as an Assistant College Coach at CCNY and St. Joseph’s University in Patchogue. He now moves up to the Division ll level at Molloy under the great Head Coach, Charlie Marquardt. Molloy consistently has finished at the top or near the top of their conference every year.

Coach Gaudioso is a true student of the game who loves to teach the game. He relates extremely well to his players and has built strong teams every year with Lightning. Coach works very hard and just loves his role as a coach.

When Coach Marquardt called me looking for a coach, the first name that came to mind was Jason. I recommended him and just a short time later he was hired. Coach Marquardt was impressed with Coach Gaudioso as I have always been,

This is yet another example of two important things about Lightning. First, we are blessed to have so many highly competent coaches. Top local college coaches and local Athletic Directors often call us for recommendations when they have openings. They greatly respect whomever we refer. Secondly, being a Lightning coach can possibly present an opportunity to a person who wants to pursue an opportunity as a high school or even college coach. Our history speaks for itself and we extremely proud of that fact. .

Jim Fox


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