We realize that players and parents have a choice as to where to play club or AAU Basketball. The choice is an important one even for the youngest players. There are many fine organizations and some not so fine!.

I see where other organizations are mounting a marketing campaign which is fair. I would like to state my case because I have such a passion and love for what we do.

  • Lightning been in existence for 29 years. We have sent over 700 players on to play college basketball. Over 90% of our players have progressed to play on their Varsity team at their respective high school. Over 95% played for their Middle School team. As our motto says, “We Value the Outcome”.
  • We place a tremendous emphasis on training of both players and coaches. Our top trainer, Jim Fox Jr., has 18 years’ experience at the College Division l Level and four years before that at the St. Dominic High School where he went 45-1 as the Freshmen Coach and as the Assistant Varsity Coach on their NY State Championship team. Our other trainers include Chris Diasparra¬† of Crown Basketball, Kevin Carpenter of Mecca Basketball, Joe Nesci of NYU and Bill Harkins formerly of St. Mary’s High School. Every Lightning player will receive training as part of their package.
  • We operate five top level facilities in Nassau and Suffolk. We directly operate Island Garden and the new MAC Multi-Sports facility in Mitchell Field as well as Northsport Facility in Northsport. We also enjoy a close working relationship with LIU Post in Brookville where we host practices and games. We own the leases and are not at the whim of someone else. Space is one of our greatest assets. It will only grow over the next couple of months when the full MAC will be completed. There will be a minimum of seven courts at that location.
  • Our vision for over 25 years has been to provide accessibility to every athlete, boy or girl, to play and improve their skills because they love basketball. We try never to turn anyone away in order to simply have a strong team. Our teams consistently develop into strong teams as the result of outstanding coaching and training.
  • Our leadership has remained the same for over two decades. We have added to our original group in recent years with top administrators and basketball trainers. We have brought together a tremendous team who are committed to constant improvement and innovation. We are persistent in our efforts to provide the best possible organization for each and every player who wears the Lightning uniform.
  • In conclusion, our record of success speaks for itself. We are committed to never accepting the status quo and¬† always trying to get better.

We will be accepting new players into Lightning for the Super League Winter season. Each team will play a 12 game season, have regular practices and be trained by a true professional  If you are interested, contact

Jim Fox

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