Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have been committed to constant improvement.

During the past three weeks, we have taken one of the most important steps in addressing our concerns for the health and well being of every athlete (as well as his or her family). Northwell Health Orthopedics will be present at the Island Garden for a minimum of 30 hours each week to provide emergency services when needed as well as giving immediate attention to injuries. This is all part of the commitment of Northwell to our Island Garden Family. There is an office located in the lobby that will be staffed by licensed and highly experienced athletic trainers who are very anxious to provide assistance.

We decided to move ahead with this service as we witnessed near tragedies on football fields and basketball courts in recent months. Island Garden will now have the capacity to deal with unexpected occurrences that have the potential to end in tragedy. We simply want to be out ahead of something very bad happening. It is our commitment to our athletes.

Northwell Health has also agreed to provide special referral services to all of their specialties. The health and well being of the entire family are our concern. For more information about our partnership with Northwell, stop by the trainers’ area in the lobby or email me at for full details.

We will also be announcing a series of education lectures presented by the top Northwell doctors in the very near future. Watch this website and be sure you follow our social media releases for full details.

The partnership with Northwell is one of the most important improvements we have implemented possibly since we began 25 years ago.  We urge all our athletes and families to take advantage of these offerings.

Jim Fox

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