We are presently creating the schedules for Super League. Teams and programs have been slower than ever in completing their registration which is the reason that there have not been many games scheduled. Please watch the schedules closely on this website for your first few games. Several are being scheduled each day.

We want to make everyone aware of an important rule concerning boys who may play on multiple teams. Please see the following policy regarding the restriction against players being on rosters for both a Division l and lll teams. It is important to add that players may participate on multiple rosters as long as they are not violating the following rule:


Renewed Emphasis on Super League D1/D2/D3 Division Structure


Island Garden is proud of the attention to detail that we and our staff provide to our players and their parents.  We offer avenues of competition to players at all levels. Divisions within a grade in Super League are generally and broadly broken down according to team skill level.  D1 caters to premier travel programs and AAU teams; D2 teams are typically stronger town or CYO squads, but also contains travel teams that are not quite ready to compete at the D1 level; and D3 teams are generally more at the developmental stage than D1 or D2 teams.


There is an established Super League rule that states that players on (or who regularly play for) a D1 team may not also play on, or for, a D3 team.  This rule is meant to insulate D3 teams/players so they may develop at their own pace and to also allay any concerns about stronger teams/players invading that important piece of turf.  This rule has always been challenging to monitor, but we stand behind the concept.  Additionally, we believe we can better manage this rule with the help of our new Playsight video platform.


Consequently, we are reminding our coaches & parents about this important rule as it does allow us to offer teams/players some room/opportunity to grow their games and hopefully thrive in a less encumbered environment.


We encourage any Super League coach or parent to report to the office any team that is not abiding by the rule and we will take appropriate measures to address any concerns and/or resolve any specific infractions.

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