FE Hoops


FE Hoops is a basketball club operated by the leaders of Island Garden and Lightning which has been in existence for the past eight years. It offers players from the 3rd Grade to the 12th Grade an opportunity to participate in Island Garden leagues under the direction of an experienced coach or former college player who is not a parent.

Each player receives insurance coverage and a paid coach/trainer in addition to the games and practices. FE players are also eligible for special Island Garden discounts.  If you do not already have an FE Hoops uniform you may purchase one for an additional fee of $50.

Each FE team is comprised of the first 11 players who register in their grade. There are no tryouts.

FE Hoops is an excellent way for players who are not part of another team to play a full  season under the direction of an experienced coach and trainer whose main objective is to improve every player.

Please call Bruce Eiber at 917-225-7576 if you have questions.

To Register for the Winter Super League season click this link.

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