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Vince Corso of the Spartans 5th Grade team helped his squad defeat Elmont on Saturday night by the score of 24-21.


Cate Marvin of Hoops 101 was part of a great team effort leading to hew 5th Grade team defeat KPY Knights on Saturday by the score of 20-8.


Maya Ziukovich of Lightning Bianco was outstanding in her team’s impressive victory over Lightning Faello on Saturday by the score of 42-31.


Hudson Gingold is a 5th grader who plays all five positions for Jericho Goren. Hudson plays basketball, lacrosse and soccer but basketball is his favorite!

Jordan Kurtzer is a 5th grader who plays the low post for Jericho Goren. Jordan loves fighting for rebounds and is never afraid to take on any all opposing players.


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