You have a choice as to where you will play AAU and travel basketball. Not all organizations are the same and some are less than reputable. We believe that Lightning provides a significant edge over others and here is why!

1- Lightning has been in existence for 27 years under the same leadership. That same leadership also has leadership and consulting positions with the National AAU, USA Basketball and the Jr. NBA.
2- Lightning has a full time staff that works 7 days and nights each week.
3- Lightning is one of the largest AAU program in the country. Our teams range from the very elite (looking t play in National Showcase events) to teams with modest goals (Those simply seeking great instruction and competitive local play). Lightning also provides opportunities for our players to advance within our program as their goals grow.
4- Lightning has been recognized by the National AAU leadership as one of the top programs in the country as recently as October, 2017.
5- Lightning has placed over 650 of our alumni in college basketball programs at all levels.
6- Lightning has been recognized as one of the top 15 youth programs by the JR. NBA and has been named as a member of its National Flagship program.
7- Lightning requires that all of its coaches submit to a full background screen by AAU. Many of its coaches also must be certified by USA Basketball.
8- Lightning has its own premier facility, the Island Garden. We also utilize multiple other premier facilities throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties for practices and games.
9- Lightning leadership directly chooses and monitors selection of coaches which we consider our most important assets.
10- Lightning utilizes a director system wherein experienced leaders monitor and develop young coaches in their teaching of skills, management and communication with players and parents.
11- Lightning is committed to providing top trainers for all of our players. Last year, we brought on Joe Nesce who coached at NYU for over thirty years prior to his retirement . We are about to add another very experienced coach in September 2019 to our training staff. This will be a former Division l coach with 18 years experience at the highest level. We will be fostering a new initiative to to our training program.
12- Lightning relies on the latest software applications to maximize efficiency of collection of fees and communication within the team.
13- Lightning enjoys a close affiliation with Under Armour which provides access to the highest level uniforms and gear.
14- Lightning has divisions in Nassau (covers New York City), Suffolk and North Shore of Long Island to accommodate players from throughout the area. In 2019-2020, we are looking to bolster our Queens presence/enterprise as well.

15- Lightning can be a lifelong game changer. Not every athlete will eventually play on their high school or college team and not every athlete can imagine outsized professional goals. Lightning fosters a positive environment where our players can thrive. There are avenues available for them to form life-long friendships and to be exposed to a network of coaches, former players and parents that can provide opportunities well into their adult lives. We literally have scores of former players who have gone on to great professional careers in the law, medical profession, finance, engineering, etc because of relationships developed out of Lightning.
16- Most importantly, Lightning is committed to our dual vision of operating with integrity as well as being the most organized basketball program in the country. We seek to provide the best experience for our players. We believe this helps put children on the path to becoming great adults. We set out to do this 27 years ago and have no intention of “taking our foot off the gas” anytime soon.

September 12 will be the next opportunity to become part of Lightning. Don’t miss out.

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