This is the 38th in a series of postings that are updated at least twice each month. It is designed to keep you informed about improvements we are making with Island Garden, Lightning and NY Metropolitan AAU.
– 2017 is the 25th Anniversary for Lightning. We are planning a special celebration in October. Let us know if you would like to be part of that planning.
– We installed new security cameras. These are in addition to the cameras that Crown already had that records all the games. Our goal is to make Island Garden a more safe and secure setting for our children to play.
– We continue to work on improving our social media presence. We are considering bids from at least three companies to do our social media. If you are following us, you have probably seen an improvement. We have to make the decision as to which direction to go that not only gives us a better presence on social media but what also makes the best sense in terms of its overall value.
– We are spending time on replacing our current website. Our goal is to display more information in one easy glance, make navigating the site much more user friendly and add many more applications on the site.
– Our new software for Lightning player registration is working very well. It is making everything so much easier, efficient and effective. Tournament and league registration were also introduced on our website this week.
– We have spent several hours in meetings to decide on new directions for Lightning in the immediate future. We must stay up with the changes that are coming which will impact upon travel basketball across the country. We are convinced that things will look very different in a relatively short period and we want to be out ahead of those changes. We will be entering into new strategic partnerships in the very near future in order to meet these challenges.
 – We did our third podcast this past week. It was better than the first two  although we realize we have a long way to go.  This can be viewed through the Island Garden Facebook page. Our plans also call for us to video stream some Super League playoff games later this much. We accept that this is a risk but we are guided by Grace Hopper’s thought, ” A ship in port is safe, but that’s not ships are built for”. We have to take chances to get better.
– We recently  introduced Super League Team Rankings and, as expected, it did create a bit of controversy. We will release our second list very soon. It is fun but only playoffs will matter in the end.
– We have released the information for registration for Spring League. It is our goal to expand this league by 20% at least. We are in the midst of securing additional space for games. We urge anyone intending to participate to register as soon as possible.
 – We have posted the AAU schedule for District Championships that we will be hosting for this coming Spring. There are tournaments for all ages and ability levels. AAU is not only for the elite player. Regardless of your ability level and experience,  AAU has tournaments for your team. There is no reason to stop playing at the end of your Super League or CYO season. Contact us for more info.
– Finally, things are not looking great for our possible move to the Nassau Coliseum Sports and Entertainment Complex. While the Coliseum will open next month principally for concerts, the plans for the surrounding area appear to be changing. There were articles over the past two weeks that indicate that the direction of that development may be changing from entirely entertainment and sports to housing. This is in addition to their building multiple medical facilities. At the present time, the pricing for us to move has changed and is no longer possible. Hopefully, a solution will be developed but right now our emphasis will be on constantly improving Island Garden as the home of Lightning and Super League. Island Garden has been the center of youth basketball for 19 years and there is no reason why we cannot operate for at least another 50 Years!
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 
Jim Fox

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