The National Federation of High Schools, which is the ruling body for most youth basketball, made a significant change in playing rules which we will adopt. The rule pertains to administration of free throws in the bonus situation. This was previously referred to as 1 and 1. Beginning with the first game of Super League which is scheduled for November 27th, the following new rules will come into effect.
Games will now be played in four quarters rather than two halves. For Grades 2 through 6, quarters will be 7 minutes each and for Grades 7 through 12, quarters will be 8 minutes each. For each quarter, a double bonus will be enforced (two shots) on the fifth foul. When the quarter ends, the team fouls will be reset to zero. If the game goes into overtime, the fouls from the fourth quarter will extend into overtime. There will be no reset for the overtime period.
In effect, there will be no more one and one. The double bonus will be enforced on the fifth foul.
Games will now be played in quarters rather than halves.
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