This is the 64th in a series of postings. It is designed to keep you informed about improvements we are making with Island Garden, Lightning and NY Metropolitan AAU.

  • Summer  League has started in full as of two weeks ago. We were slow getting out of the gate due to Spring League extending to the end of June  followed by the July 4th holiday. Summer League is comprised of bot a much larger league than usual supplemented by a somewhat smaller youth and high school league due to the time of the year. We are hosting games at Island Garden, which is practically filled, JMF and LI Sports Hub. We did not receive a sufficient registration to expand to LIU Post and Next Level. We hope to use those facilities as well as Chabad in Port Washington in the Fall.
  • NY Metropolitan AAU has enjoyed a tremendous showing in the AAU National Championships this summer. Several of our teams have placed in the Top 10. New York continues to prove it is among the top in AAU talent at all levels.
  • During the last week, we received notice that the NCAA has removed its restriction that blocked us from using LIU for any male athlete above 6th Grade and female athlete above 8th Grade. This allows us to host events and practices that will welcome athletes of all ages.
  • During the past two months, my team and I have expanded our vision and started a new venture which we hope will enhance the services we provide to all young athletes. We have reached agreement with LIU Post to place all types of youth sports in their facilities. We will have exclusive rights to fill all of their sports venues (not just their incredible gymnasium) with youth and adult sports. We intend to fill these sports venues with leagues, tournaments and practices. In addition to the gymnasium, we have access to the baseball, softball, lacrosse and soccer fields. Our vision is to continually grow youth sports with high quality and safe venues that are operated by respected, well organized and highly professional youth organizations.
  • We are currently working on several initiatives that will enhance all phases of our operations. This includes the possibilities of a new uniform provider for Lightning as well as being able to offer impressive deals for all of our partners in Super League and AAU. We hope to have final details before the end of summer. A great deal of time is also being spent on improving our training component for Lightning and other programs which we will offer at Island Garden, JMF Sports Center, LIU Post and Chabad. Expect an announcement on this improvement in August.
  • We are currently compiling ideas and suggestions on how to improve AAU basketball on both a local and national level. If anyone has anything that they would like to bring forward, please contact me ASAP. I will be responsible for bringing forward ideas to AAU leadership during August. There is an important truth ” Forward thinking or die” . This is not pessimistic, just reality. Travel and AAU basketball is in a state of change and we must adjust to what the participants want as well as what is best for the game. New ideas and approaches are needed in order for AAU to thrive.
  • We have extended Lightning to the East End of Long Island. Skip Gehring of Anchor Tough uniforms and apparel is sponsoring a girls high school league that has eight teams and plays two nights each week. This league will be followed by an end of summer tournament and new Lightning teams for the 2020 season.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and being a supporter of Island Garden, Lightning, NY Metro AAU,  JMF Sports Center and our new JMF Sports Consultants.

Jim Fox

“Don’t worry about failures. worry about the chances you miss when you don’t try”. Jack Canfield

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