Super League Begins the 2023-2024 Season

This weekend is the official opening of the 29th season of Super League. We look back on so many memories and the making of great friendships that have lasted a lifetime. It seems like every day, someone returns to Island Garden and tells us about great memories they have of Island Garden. It is a very special part of our life. We face challenges every day but it is our responsibility to keep our eye on our goal of providing the best best experience for each and every player who walks through our doors. It is also of critical importance that we thank every player, coach, referee, and parent who have supported us and has shown their loyalty to us for almost three decades.

Nothing is more important to my great staff and myself to work hard every day to continually improve Super League. It is not enough to rely solely on our past accomplishments.  Every day we meet and plan to find ways to get better in our service to our customers. I am so blessed to have a team that share the commitment to youth sports and are willing to work seven days every week to reach our goals.

We can still find room for additional teams to participate in this years Super League. If you are interested or even if you have some questions, contact me directly at My team are committed to providing the best possible league for you. Please do not settle for an inferior experience.

Jim Fox

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