In a recent article in the Athletic Business Magazine about how health care facilities and athletic programs are partnering , the author stated, ” there is an indisputable desire to improve the health and performance of athletes and to provide a more comprehensive approach to wellness”.  This is exactly what the partnership between Northwell Health Services and Island Garden is trying to accomplish

Here is what we are doing:

  1. Certified athletic trainers provided by Northwell Health Orthopedics are present for a total of 30 hours each week in the Island Garden. They are available to deal with health emergencies, injuries, follow-up treatment of injuries and educational services. These trainers have proven to be a great asset to our athletes in the few short weeks since we began the program. The world of sports has witnessed terrible events during recent times where the athletic trainers and other trained professionals have saved lives right on the courts and fields. Island Garden now has those services available during our prime time hours of operation.
  2. Those same trainers are providing services to our athletes to deal with injuries so that the athlete can return to playing as soon as possible. This is all done under professional medical supervision.
  3. Lightning coaches will be required to attend CPR training in the next few weeks to prepare them in the event of a life threatening emergency. We are extending this invitation to all coaches who participate in tournaments and leagues at Island Garden. There will be no fee.
  4. Northwell Health provides concierge services for all medical services that the athlete and family may need. The person and family will receive personalized referrals to the top doctors who are part of the Northwell Health System. We have done this already and it has proven to be everything for which we hoped.
  5. We will be introducing a series of educational sessions provided by the top doctors of Northwell that  will include, but not limited to, prevention of sports injuries, approaches to physical rehabilitation and even mental illness challenges relating to athletes.

We are doing everything possible with the outstanding help of the Northwell Health System to assist  each and every athlete and family that walks into Island Garden. This new partnership is taking the experience of participating in youth sports to a new level.

if you have any questions or in need of a referral, please contact me directly at jimfox@islandgarden.com.


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