Karen Cammer

Karen Cammer

Administrative Director

Karen’s great passion has always been to lead, from an administrative position, for the benefit of youth athletes, coaches and families.

Karen joined the Island Garden/Lightning team five years ago. She has vast experience in administrative responsibilities, event operations and customer service. In her position at the Island Garden/Lightning Basketball Karen brings all of her skills and talents from her prior executive position(s).

From 2000-2008 Karen served as the Executive Director of the United States Twirling Association. The USTA is the representative for the sport of baton to the world federation of the sport. As the Chief Operating Officer of the 501(c)3 corporation she was responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. As such conducted the daily business of the organization; was responsible for; coordinating organizational programs, activities, and major events of the organization; coordinated the financial matters with the Executive Board; organized and maintained membership information of members. (i.e. professional, athletes, parents, media 😉 and managed the office of the national headquarters. Some of her other responsibilities entailed all daily business transactions necessary to maintain the current, legal, and official status of the organization. Her office was the national headquarters and the communication hub for the organization. She had the responsibility of liaison for all membership to the world federation which included heavy interaction with international counterparts.

Karen’s additional responsibilities were:
– Personnel Manager; Recruitment, Termination, Goal Setting, Budget Setting and Compliance.
– Event Manager for all size events: conferences, workshops and competitions involving thousands of participants.
– Experienced in issuing Purchase Orders, Budget Requests, Contractual Negotiations and many other financial responsibilities.
– Strong communications skills. Clearly understands the importance of confidentiality.
– Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite applications including Access Database and web site editing.

Karen’s sport of choice was always baton twirling. She exceled as an athlete and went on to be certified as both a coach and judge. Her athletes were part of Team USA for the 2015 WBTF International Cup Championships in British Columbia. Karen believes that youth athletes, coaches and families are the same no matter what their sport of choice. She loves being a part of the Island Garden/Lightning Basketball family where she feels she can help make everyone’s experience at the Island Garden/Lightning Basketball a positive one.

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