Rosemary Nies

Rosemary Nies

Associate Executive Designer

Rosemary has been the Associate Executive Director of Lightning Basketball for the past sixteen years. She is also the Director of Operations for the Island Garden.

Every player, coach or family member of a Lightning Basketball team has at one time or another received the benefits of working with Rosemary. As second in command, some of Rosemary’s responsibilities are but not limited to; communicating and coordinating the staff; particularly the Lightning Coaches and Facility Managers; manages all merchandise and uniforms inventory, is the facilitator for many of our satellite venues/contracts and assists with everything that goes on at the Island Garden/Lightning Basketball.

Rosemary is exemplary when it comes to customer service and has sixteen years of Lightning Basketball member satisfaction to prove it.

Rosemary was inducted to the Lightning Basketball Hall of Fame in 2012.

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